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Two construction workers, an African ame



Professionalism  |  Excellence  |  Timeliness

Our mission is to provide the highest level of service to each and every client and do it with integrity, loyalty, trust, and ethical business practices. We will embrace innovative solutions while maintaining the highest standard of safety and quality.

The Oyamacor brand identifies with the bonsai tree, strong, deep-rooted, and stable. We offer the same level and quality of service that larger companies provide. This is due to Oyamacor's years of experience in the utility, energy, engineering, and construction sector as both the client and the consultant/contractor. Just like the bonsai tree, Oyamacor represents something much more than itself, thus allowing each of our clients to interpret what their needs are and build upon this based on their own experiences. We promote a strong safety culture and believe it is our most important core value.

Multi-ethnic team of technicians wearing

Our company values are based on the following:

Integrity, Safety, Quality, and Dedication to our customers and employees.

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