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Our clients know that they can trust us with their business and receive our commitment to meeting and exceeding all of their project needs.

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guide and educate our clients on all their project needs by giving them the best value for their investment. Our team is here to guide each client through their project by helping them make informed decisions and keep their project moving forward.

Oyamacor offers an array of services covering the many consulting, engineering, environmental, and construction needs of our clients. Whether it is a three-week project or a three-year project, Oyamacor can provide the necessary assets, personnel, and expertise to perform each project in an organized, safe, and professional fashion. We have a team of highly experienced contractors that are reliable and have a professional work ethic. Our team is trained to

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Environmental Consulting & Compliance

  • Environmental Project Management Support

  • Environmental Engineering Services

  • Site Investigation and Sampling Services

  • Environmental Site Assessment and Investigation

caucasion male performing site sampling

Environmental Remediation

  • Emergency Response Services

  • Hazardous Materials Management

  • Electrical Substation Environmental Remediation

  • Landfill Remediation and Modification

  • Environmental Remedial Services

  • UST Assessment and Remediation

  • Risk Assessment


Civil Construction & Engineering

  • Construction & Contract Management

  • Landfill Construction and Management

  • Civil Site Construction

  • Engineering Consulting Services

  • Program Management

  • CCR Civil Support and Post Closure Care

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